Baby Owls (0-2 Years)

We can accommodate babies from the age of 2 months. Our baby owls need plenty of rest and quiet time so they can recharge their batteries from a busy day of play.

Our aim within the 0-2 room is to provide a relaxed, carting and safe environment in which the babies are able to play and learn.

The routine of the room allows the children to learn through play and exploration, using allocated play areas; such as the small world area and the cosy corner. We also allow the children to learn through messy play experiences; such as painting and sand play.

All the children have a designated key worker appointed to them and their key worker will plan for their own individual needs, this allows each child to develop at their own rate helping them to become more confident, independent and a unique child.

We plan activities using the EYFS framework focusing our attentions on the prime areas of personal, social & emotional, communication & language and physical development. We will also use the specific area if they relate to the child’s development age and/or stage.

Baby Owls Staff

Vicky Willetts

Sophie Large

Michelle Hall